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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you can find info on COVID 19 and ticketing questions.

Answer not here? Please e-mail


We received some questions and want to clarify the situation a bit. La Rêve Beach Festival has been rescheduled to 30/7/22. If you do nothing your ticket(s) will automatically remain valid for this event in 2022. You have three options:

  1. Do nothing keep your ticket(s) and party with us on 30/7/22 
  2. Put your ticket(s) on Ticketswap, we’ll sell out fast next year so you’ll probably lose them easily.
  3. Request a refund BEFORE 11/09/21 through this form

NOTE: If you’ve already requested a refund for the 7/8/21 OR 11/9/21 event your request HAS been received and we will reimburse your ticket fee within 2 weeks after 11/9/21. 

IF you have already requested a refund but changed your mind and want to join us in 2022, you can let us know before 11/09/21 and we’ll remove your request before we’ll process everything. E-mail to with the e-mail address where you bought the tickets with. 


We do have an event for 11/09/21 scheduled (not a large festival) for 750 people. For this event, we had a separate ticket sale to keep it fair for everyone. Line up will be released in the week of 30/8, but it will be a nice one, you can trust us on that 😉

Tickets for this small gathering are sold out. 

All information regarding events and tickets in 2021

Now events are cancelled until at least 20/09/21. What will happen with my ticket(s) for La Rêve Beach Festival 2021?

Your ticket(s) are automatically valid for the rescheduled event on 30/07/2022. If you’re not able to make it on that date you have the chance to request a refund until 11/09/2021 – 17:00. After this date, we advise you to sell your ticket(s) on 

You can request a refund before 11/09/2021 – 17:00 here

If COVID regulations force us to postpone the event again, a new e-mail with options will be sent out and this page will be updated. Also it is possible the date in 2022 can change according to covid regulations or permit requests.

Will there be an event on 11/09 with reduced capacity?

Yes, and new ticket sales were done for this event to have a fair chance for everyone to join on that date. You can only come and access this event with a ticket that says La Rêve Beach Party 11/09/21. All other tickets are invalid.

Also make sure you have a valid QR code in the CoroncaCheck app. More info can be found on:

What will the COVID-19 restrictions be at La Rêve Beach Party 2021?

By the looks of it, we will be required to comply with regulations that demand a personal registration + a valid QR code in the CoronaCheck app. More info on this can be found on

Currently, the situation is undergoing changes and it’s not clear yet what the new policies will be when events are allowed again. This page will be updated, we will send out an e-mail, and post on our socials when we have a clear picture of what measurements we are required take.

What happens if the La Rêve Beach Festival or future events cannot continue due to COVID-19 regulations?

We will always send out multiple e-mails with updates on how a permit or COVID – policy impacts our events. Also you can follow our website, our socials or send us a whatsapp or e-mail.

Normally we will offer the chance for a refund until a deadline, after that your tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date.

I bought a ticket through Ticketswap, what do I do now?

La Rêve has a partnership with Ticketswap. This means all tickets sold through Ticketswap have been canceled and reissued in the name of the new buyer. The new buyers have the same rights as ticket buyers who bought their ticket via Tibbaa, taking into account the price paid by the new buyer. We advise you to contact Ticketswap on how reimbursement can be made. Alternatively, you can maybe resell your ticket.

What happens to my newly converted tickets from 2020?

You can just treat them as normally purchased ticket(s) of La Rêve Beach Festival 2022. Use the ticket(s) with date 7/8/21 OR 11/9/21 on it, the original 2020 ticket(s) will NOT be valid.

It is also possible to sell the converted ticket(s) on Ticketswap

I want to request a refund for La Rêve Beach Festival as the new date in 2022 doesn't work for me

We’re sad to not have you with us.. Hopefully next time you’ll join us again on the dance floor!

You can request a refund before 11/09/2021 – 17:00 here

After this deadline, a refund will not be possible anymore as we have to get a clear picture of how many people we will receive for our permits and capacity. You can, however, still sell your ticket(s) on

All information regarding events and tickets in 2020

What happened to my tickets for event(s) in 2020 that got cancelled due to COVID-19 regulations?

Everyone who was a ticket holder has received multiple e-mail(s) with options to request a refund / convert your ticket OR get a voucher (deadlines passed 9/7/21):

  • Requested vouchers for a future La Rêve event will be send out in August and valid till 01/08/2022.
  • If you haven’t provided us with a preference yet you can still request a voucher (till 01/07/2022) by sending your La Rêve Festival 2020 or La Rêve Paradiso ticket(s) to with the question to receive a voucher.
  • Vouchers will be valid till 01/08/2022.  
  • Donate your ticket <3 No action required, voucher will automatically expire.


I requested a monetary refund, when will I receive this?

The refund will be processed ultimately a month after La Rêve Festival 7/8/2021.  This is in accordance with the new regulation reached by various trade organizations in the cultural sector, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets. For more information about this regulation, please visit the website

UPDATE 10/07/21: All refunds that have been requested for 2020 events have been processed 

I bought a ticket through Ticketswap, will I get a refund and how much will this be?

La Rêve has a partnership with Ticketswap. This means all tickets sold through Ticketswap have been canceled and reissued on the name of the new buyer. The new buyers have the same rights as ticket buyers who bought their ticket via Tibbaa, taking into account price paid by the new buyer. Everyone who bought a ticket through TicketSwap will be contacted by TicketSwap soon.

General information / FAQ

I can not find my ticket(s) that I purchased

A few steps you can try to find your ticket(s):

Step 1: please go to:

Step 2: contact

Step 3: contact


Purchased through Ticketswap?