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What will happen to my La Rêve ticket?

If you already bought a ticket for La Rêve festival and/or Paradiso, the ticket will stay valid for a future edition in the form of a voucher equal to the amount of the original ticket order. This means you will be able to experience La Rêve the way you imagine it to be.

You also had the opportunity (DEADLINES PASSED) to have chosen for a conversion to a La Rêve Beach Festival ticket (sold out now) or a refund equal to the amount of your initial ticket order. We hope to welcome you at one of our events in the near future.

I would like to obtain a monetary refund, when will I receive this?

The refund if already requested it will be processed ultimately a month after the new date of La Rêve Beach Festival 2021 (7th of August).   This is in accordance with the new regulation reached by various trade organizations in the cultural sector, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets. For more information about this regulation, please visit the website

The deadline has passed for requesting refunds. And your ticket will now automatically be converted to a voucher (valid till 01/08/2022). For questions you can contact

I bought a ticket through Ticketswap, will I get a refund and how much will this be?

La Rêve has a partnership with Ticketswap. This means all tickets sold through Ticketswap have been canceled and reissued on the name of the new buyer. The new buyers have the same rights as ticket buyers who bought their ticket via Tibbaa, taking into account price paid by the new buyer. Everyone who bought a ticket through TicketSwap will be contacted by TicketSwap soon.